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Balanced Health and Fitness

“Little Things” Download

Lay the Foundation for a Better Body with “Little Things That Improve Your Health.”

This ebook is yours FREE so grab your copy today.

This 40-page book is packed with some of the best advice I’ve got on how to lay the foundation for better health and fitness.  Want to know the best part?  The best part is that NONE of these tips take a lot of time or effort.  ALL of them are small, little things you can do right now, today, to begin building a better body – a body that’s healthy, fit, and full of life.

This is NOT an exercise or workout book. This is more basic than that.  This is a blueprint to getting your body, mind, and spirit to a point where you have the health, energy, and mental spirit to do whatever you choose, including physical exercise if that’s your thing.

Some of the topics I cover include:

  • Why drinking enough water is essential to your health.
  • 12 Tips to help you get the best nights sleep ever.
  • How sweating can be good for you.
  • Why nothing tastes better than good health feels!
  • How much damage your morning cup of coffee is doing to you.
  • 3 Steps to reprogram your mind for health.
  • The two letter word that will solve your stress problems in less than 30 seconds..
  • Who you should avoid and why.
  • Reasons for living life to the full.

In the book, you’ll also find an additional 15 pages of Bonus Materials and Worksheets that will take the information discussed in the “Little Things” program and show you how to implement them into your everyday routine.

Included in the book are:

  • Goal Worksheets including sheets for Designing a New Life, The Next Six Months, Bringing the Design to Life, Checking for Consistency, Making the Dream a Reality, and The Weekly Review.
  • How to Balance Your Exercise Routine by incorporating Aerobic Exercise, Cardio Exercise, and Strength Exercise as well as How To Put It All Together.
  • Discover how to calculate your Target Heart Rate and how exercising at the LOWER end of your target range may actually create faster results.
  • Learn about everyday Activities That Burn Calories and how to utilize them to achieve your health goals.

How to Get Your Copy for Free

Simply download the ebook by clicking on the download button below.  That’s it!  No registration form, no email address, no secret cookies.  No strings attached at all.  It’s simply my gift to you for visiting my site.

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So What Are You Waiting For?

Good question.  Sign up now!  You can always email me direct or use the Contact Me form if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach and
Personal Fitness Trainer (NESTA)


  1. Dude – I can’t believe your giving this stuff away. Lot’s of great info!

  2. This is really valuable information and I came across it just when I seemed to need it the most. Thanks so much for making it available.


  3. Got your book and read it in one sitting. Lots of practical info. Especially found the worksheets helpful in putting the info into practice.

  4. Downloaded your book and took a quick look this past weekend. This is one of the most balanced pieces of fitness-related books I’ve seen in a long time. You really covered a lot of areas – all of which are critical to good health.

    I thought the best part was the “now that you’ve got the info, what are you going to do with it” section. It’s true that information is only as good as the use we make of it.


  5. I just drink my red bull and getting ready to go and work out I found your link; downloaded and print all you work, ready to give up at my bad red bull addictions :( Thank you very much for your valuable free information. You great person!

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