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Balanced Health and Fitness

About Me & This Blog

“Hi. My name is Hiram, student of life, Viet-nam vet, native-born Texan, and the real person behind Balanced Health Blueprint. I invite you to come along with me on a journey to discover the physical and mental elements that work together to make up ‘good health’ and learn how to balance them within our hectic lives. I can’t promise we’ll always agree, but I can promise that it will be an interesting trip.”

What makes this blog different.

So why another blog on health and fitness? Isn’t the Internet already “blog-clogged?” Well, maybe so but here’s what makes this blog different.

I got so tired of seeing (and using) programs that promised to improve your fitness — but that were actually bad for your health.

I got tired of health advice that was all over the board: EAT carbs (the Pasta diet). DON’T eat carbs (the Atkins diet). I got tired of diets that made my weight and energy levels yo-yo from one extreme to another. I got tired of “fitness” information that was just plain dangerous to my health!

Sound familiar? Well, I got so fed up with all the conflicting advice that I began my own personal search for reliable information on health and fitness. I had only 3 requirements:

  1. It had to make Sense,
  2. It had to actually Work, and
  3. It had to be Balanced.

What you find on this blog is the results of what I found: balanced information on health and fitness for the average man and woman that actually works.

Sorry, this site is not for hard-core body builders or bikini models.

You guys can go back to the gym and continue standing around looking bored and beautiful because there are no “rock-hard-abs” or “get-ripped” routines here. This site is for the rest of us, normal men and women with busy, hectic lives who weren’t lucky enough to be born with “looks-like-a-Greek-God-or-Goddess-genes” and are simply trying to get fit enough to keep up with our kids and stay healthy long enough to watch our Grand kids get married.

Here you’ll find all of the resources you need (most of them free) to take a sensible, balanced approach to improving your health and fitness. So feel free to take a look around, read an article or two, download an e-book, or a leave comment…. and don’t forget to come back often!

So what exactly is “Balanced” health?

Balanced health

Based on what I’ve seen in real life, read about, and experienced first hand (in other words, based on “years of research”), I believe that “good health” or “whole body health” is composed of several individual components, all of which compliment each other and need to be in balance with one another. If you put too much emphasis on one, you begin to pull the others out of whack eventually leading to unhealthy outcomes like stress, pain, or disease.

As you can see from the figure at the right, there are 4 things that I think are essential to good health:

Internal Factors

  • Your Body or Physical Fitness. This is the health of your physical body and includes the “mechanics”. It includes how fit your body is, how efficient it is at movement, digestion, elimination, and all of the other functions are bodies are designed to do. It also includes your muscle strength and tone.  Unfortunately, this is where many “health & fitness” sites, blogs, and magazines stop.
  • Your Mind and Spirit. Your body is ruled by your mind and spirit. A worried mind and a troubled spirit eventually shows up as physical sickness.  Therefore, any whole-body health program has got to address the state of your mind and spirit.

External Factors:

  • Your Relationships. This includes the relationship you have with yourself (your self image) as well as the relationships you have with others. Relationships give life depth and purpose and most of us would be lost without them. Healthy relationships have a direct impact on our overall physical health.
  • Your Environment. The environment where you live, work, and play has a significant affect on your health. Chemicals, toxins, microbials, bacteria, can all create an environment that is unhealthy.

To achieve real health, you’ve got to balance all of these elements, usually while you’re trying to accomplish all the other projects and priorities in your life. How to do that is the whole purpose of this blog.

Are you certified?

Or as they asked in “Oh Brother, Where Are Thou?” are you “bona-fied?”

If you’re impressed with certifications and diplomas, I’ve got ‘em. Some of the more relevant to this site include:

  • 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tang-Soo-Do
  • 3rd Degree Balck Belt in Combat Hapkido
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt in Dragon Kempo Karate
  • Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach (NESTA)
  • Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (NESTA)
  • BS Degree in Computer Engineering Technology (University of Houston)
  • MBA in Operations Management (University of Houston)

I’ve also attended more fitness and nutrition seminars, training camps, and specialized classes than I care to remember. And if this list isn’t long enough, I can also probably come up with a note from my mother if you give me a couple of days.

So I’ve got my name on a couple pieces of parchment. Big deal, right? What’s really important isn’t whether or not I’ve got a particular type of certification or diploma. What’s really important is whether or not what I say makes sense — and you’re the only one that can decide that.  So take a look around and judge for yourself.

Do you really “practice what you preach?”

I try. But I’ll be the first to admit that teaching this stuff and giving advice is a whole lot easier than actually doing it! Hey, I’ve got to juggle work and family just like you do. I can’t spend all day at the gym either.  I’m constantly working on eating right and getting my exercise in right along side you.

But as you can tell from the following pictures, I do try to stay active biking, hiking, camping, canoeing, and horseback riding as well as playing tennis, lifting weights, and of course, staying active in martial arts.

What if I have more questions?

Ask. There are several ways to ask questions, make comments, or give suggestions. If you have a question or comment about a specific article, you can use the public comment form located at the end of the post. These comments can be seen and read by anyone visiting the site.

If you’ve got something you’d rather discuss in private, you can contact me using the “Contact Me” link that’s part of the top menu.

In both cases you’ll be asked to provide your email address. This is so I can respond back (obviously), but it’s also to screen out automated spam robots. Note that providing your email address in a comment does NOT add you to any type of marketing list. If you want to join our News List, there’s a separate, double opt-in process for that.

One last question: Dog person or cat person?

OK, this might be one of those areas where we disagree. I’m a cat person. Got 3 of them. I really don’t have anything against dogs and if I lived out in the country where they could run around, I’d probably have a couple. Sure, my guys are really lousy at playing “fetch” but as far as I’m concerned, nothing beats a purring kitty.

By the way, pet dander is one of those environmental things that can affect your health if you’re allergic to it, but then that’s an article for another day!

Best of health…

Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach and
Personal Fitness Trainer (NESTA)

P.S.  Be sure to get my latest Fitness Blueprint called “Little Things That Improve Your Health.”  This ebook is packed with loads of helpful information on how to build a better body and you can get it FREE – for a limited time.  Just click on the title to be taken to the download page.  Enjoy!