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Want to Lose a Quick 5 pounds? Eat Breakfast!

Fruit BasketSeveral medical studies have just come out with convincing proof of what many people have known for years: that eating breakfast is one of the keys to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The studies found that people (especially young people) that ate breakfast consistently were an average of 5 pounds lighter than people who routinely skipped breakfast. This finding was consistent even though the group that ate breakfast consumed a larger number of total calories for the day. So how is this possible?

How is it that even though you consume MORE total calories during the day by eating breakfast, you actually end up LOSING an average of 5 pounds over those who skip breakfast? Apparently, the act of eating breakfast gets your metabolism out of “rest mode” and kicked into high gear burning calories much earlier than if you waited until lunch to have your first meal of the day. Once your metabolism “gears up,” it keeps working at this higher level for a longer period. The end result? You burn more total calories during the day.

Ever notice that when you skip breakfast, you’re pretty hungry when lunch time comes around but that if you ate breakfast, you’re REALLY hungry when lunch time comes? That’s the same principle in action.

Now, use some common sense here. Don’t go overboard with a huge, high-carb/high-fat breakfast that’s going to take all day to digest. Choose something light and balanced like fruit and/or whole grains. You want to “get the burner lit” under your metabolism by giving it some light, quick-burning fuel instead of drowning it out with lots of fat and refined sugar.

So want to lose a quick 5 pounds? Start eating a light, healthy breakfast on a consistent basis. It will get your metabolism burning calories early in the day and keep it there all day long!

The Balanced Health Guy

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