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Does PureSleep Really Work?

Ever since I did a review on the PureSleep anti-snoring device (see Reviews section), I’ve been getting asked whether or not the thing actually works.   Well, to answer that question, I performed an informal test to see whether or not using the device would have any affect on my blood pressure.  After religiously measuring my blood pressure at the same time of day for a couple of weeks, I’m ready to report some preliminary results.


First, a little background on my particular situation.  I’m a 56 year old male that tries to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.   The only time I go to the doctor is when I’m actually sick, which is not that often.   However, the last time I went to the dentist, they mentioned that my blood pressure was a little high.  Sure enough, it was.

About a year ago, I also began to snore at night.  Most of the time it was no big deal but occasionally, my wife told me it was so bad that it kept her awake.  The real scare was when she told me that on several occasions, she had woken up afraid that I had actually stopped breathing.   She said that just about the time she was going to try to wake me, I would start breathing again – the beginning signs of sleep apnea.

After reading that sleep apnea can be a cause high blood pressure, I decided to take action.  First step, stop the snoring and then see if my blood pressure came down.

The Results

After being alerted that my blood pressure was “a little high,” I purchased one of those home testing kits from the local drugstore and began keeping track of my pressure.   Each reading was taken at the same time (first thing in the morning) in a seated position.

The first two columns (days 1 through 18) were baseline measurements, taken while I was waiting for the PureSleep device to arrive in the mail.  As you can see, the average of these readings was 127/90, right inside the hypertension danger zone (“normal” pressure should be below 80 for the lower reading).

On day 19, the PureSleep device arrived and I started using it.   According to my wife, the snoring stopped almost immediately.  I also started waking up feeling rested and more energized.   But did it help reduce my blood pressure?

The last two columns (days 19 through 33) show the results of sleeping with the PureSleep device in place.  After using the device for about two weeks, my average blood pressure has dropped to 118/85.  That’s a drop of 5 points on the Diastolic reading (the bottom number) – a definite step in the right direction!


My Conclusion

My conclusion is pretty obvious – the PureSleep device works.  First, it stopped my snoring by pulling my jaw forward and preventing the soft tissue on the back of my throat to vibrate, which is what creates the snoring noise.   Significantly reducing or completely eliminating the amount of snoring has given me a number of other benefits including:

  1. I no longer wake up several times during the night in “mid-snore” feeling like I’m choking.   As a result, I get a full night of sleep and wake up feeling rested and refreshed.
  2. My wife gets a full night’s sleep as well since she doesn’t have to spend most of the night trying to get me to roll over and stop snoring.
  3. My heart is apparently also getting a full night of rest since my blood pressure appears to be coming down.

In short, the device is working for me and I’d recommend it to anyone with similar problems.

There are some drawbacks, however.  First is the price.   I mentioned this in my review (see Reviews section) but I can’t help bringing it back up and thinking about it every time I see a $2 mouth piece at the sporting goods aisle of the local Walmart.

Second, wearing it does take some getting used to.  Even after using it for more than 2 weeks, my jaw still feels sore some mornings and my teeth are sometimes sensitive and feel like they’ve been moved back and forth.  This gets less and less noticeable as your mouth gets used to the device.

Third, when you sleep with the device, your mouth tends to stay open for most of the night.  This created a nice pool of drool on my pillow the first couple of nights.  This does tend to go away as you get used to wearing it.

Lastly, since the device is actually a mouthpiece, it traps saliva so you’ll more than likely wake up with a case of morning breath that will drop a horse.  This also means that you have to take extra care to keep the device clean and dry when not in use.

Despite these minor drawbacks, I’d still highly recommend the device because it works.

Where to get the PureSleep Device

As far as I know, the PureSleep device is only available direct through their website at   I haven’t checked but you can probably also get comparable devices prescribed through your dentist.

Finally, I purchased the PureSleep device for my own use and do not receive any kind of compensation or benefit from the manufacturer (so I can’t quit my day job).

Snoring is more than a minor nuisance.  It’s a problem that can lead to more serious health problems such as sleep apnea and hypertension.   If you can’t get a good nights sleep due to snoring, you owe it to yourself to check out this device.

Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach andPersonal Fitness Trainer (NESTA)

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  1. Have been using PureSleep now for nearly 3 years. I was skeptical and my wife was totally a non believer…..until I stopped snoring the first night and she (and I) have been getting a full night sleep ever since (ok…except for the occaisional over 50 bladder issues!!). I am 6’2″ 245 pounds and just started snoring a few years back as I had been gaining weight, etc. Also grinding teeth and had some sensitive molars when exposed to ice or hot soup. I am telling you that the puresleep device has solved all of these problems for me. Only have the once in a while “drool” but that doesn’t happen much once you get used to the device. Sometimes on a business trip, I will forget to bring it and what a mistake. While I can’t hear myself snore….I feel like I only get a half night sleep. By opening up the windpipe a bit, I get a full dose of oxygen everynight….amazing difference!. It does take awhile to get used to the jaw movement…and after 3 years my jaw shape has changed a bit but my dentist says its ok. I just stretch my jaw out on the drive to work every morning and it is fine. I do not work for pure sleep nor am getting paid. Just ordering my 3rd device after nearly 3 years. While $60 may seem like a lot….its pennies if you get anywhere close to the benefits that I have received. I kid you not and neither does my happy (and much more romantic:)) wife!! Scott

  2. The PureSleep product does do what is advertized, but BEWARE !!!! The product is guaranteed for 30 days and after that, you’re screwed. The material wears out and you are back to square one. Their answer…. you
    need to purchase another one”. Don’t get sucked in !!!!!!! You will be
    buying this product for life. It is not worth it !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jim brings up a valid point. HOWEVER, you also have to factor a good night’s sleep without snoring into the equation. How much is THAT worth?

      Keep in mind that there are alternatives to the PureSleep device. Check out my post called

      • What other options are there than this Pure Sleep device? I don’t like the fact that you have to keep buying a new mouth piece every month or so. For $60 bucks you would think they could make something more durable.

      • I just got my Pure Sleep device and according to my husband it DOES work. My jaw and teeth are a little achey, but from what I read that will go away once I get used to it.
        I did experience my lower teeth coming out of the device last night a couple times and my husband said I did snote a little. Hopefully that stops.
        Also, according to Pure Sleeps directions they say you should replace your device every 6 months, but you get 2 devices for the $60 so that’s $60 a year well spent if you ask me!

      • Get a sleep study done. If you have sleep apnea you can get a Cpap machine which fits over your nose and pumps air into you so you dont stop breathing at night and get a good nights sleep.

      • Oh and most insurances will cover the cost!

    • Speaking as the wife of a snorer, who falls asleep daily, yes it is. They are running a 2 for one promo right now.

  3. cpap machine? are you kidding? my father started using one when he was diagnosed with sleep apnea and guess what? he hated it and stopped using it after a month. it’s an air pump that runs all night and keeps both him and my mother awake with the noise.
    the nose piece is cumbersome and you can’t even turn in bed without having to make sure it doesn’t fall off.

  4. Why does Hiram comment after every comment or two? Does he work for PureSleep? This makes the product suspect.

    • No, I’ve stated several times in various posts that (1) I do NOT work for PureSleep (or any other associated company) and (2) since PureSleep does not have an affiliate program I do NOT get any kind of compensation from them. I’m just a satisfied customer.

      However, like everything else on the Internet, you’re free to take or leave my comments — but I do thank you for participating in the discussion.


  5. Yes, I love the device after DAY TWO. I started on Monday night: During the boiling/molding process, I found it quite painful to bite down hard (with bottom jaw jutting forward) and I did have to re-form the mold a 2nd time. That is the only part I hated about the device. I did have to trim down quite a bit of the pieces that where bothering me with cuticle scissors.

    The very first night I used it, I did not drool, spit it out or wake up. My fiancee thought I was dead because he didn’t hear a peep out of me the whole night. I’ve been to the plastic surgeon’s office in the past and was quoted $5,000 for apnea surgery that placed plastic rods in my soft tissue. I am SO SO glad I didn’t go forward with it.

    I will have to say that I think I can get a more comfortable device from my dentist, who can fit me professionally. I will ask him when I go next month if they have something better. I would be willing to pay more money for a better product. I think Pure Sleep is good for now since it IS doing exactly what it says. My jaw hurts in the morning and I find it hard to eat… but I find that it is worth it. My health has been pretty bad the past few years because of the apnea.

    35 y/o Female – mild sleep apnea


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