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Review of PureSleep Antisnore Device

Couple of months ago, my wife started complaining that I had begun snoring pretty loudly at times.  No big deal, I thought.  Lot’s of people start to snore later in life, especially men.

However, things started getting worse.   I obviously wasn’t sleeping well and was waking up repeatedly during the night and getting up in the morning feeling like I hadn’t slept at all.  Things went from bad to worse when my wife said that there were a couple of times that she had woken up with a start because I had actually stopped breathing.  She worried I was developing sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a condition that if left untreated, can increase the load on the heart causing high blood pressure and increasing the chance of a heart attack.   Since I had recently been told by my dentist that my blood pressure seemed a little high, the pieces started to fall into place – and I didn’t like the picture they were painting.  It was time to look for answers and one of the solutions I found was the PureSleep system.

What It Is

As a person gets older, the chances that they’ll start snoring increases, especially for men.  The reason is because the soft tissue at the back of the throat basically begins to sag.  As we sleep, this soft tissue relaxes to the point that it begins to vibrate creating what we call a snore.  This tissue can also block the airway causing obstructive sleep apnea.

PureSleep is a plastic mouthpiece that moves your lower jaw upward helping to clear the airway.   The result is little to no snoring and a reduced chance of sleep apnea.  Finally, a night of restful sleep!

What It Claims

According to some of the literature that accompanied the product, PureSleep claims to be 80-90% effective in stopping snoring.  It also claims to be an “FDA-cleared prescription dental device” available without a prescription or a visit to a dentist.

This device is not for you if you’ve been diagnosed with central sleep apnea (as opposed to obstructive sleep apnea), have some sort of chronic respiratory disorder (like asthma or emphysema), have dental problems (loose teeth or gum disease), have TMD (a disease of the jaw joint), or if you have full dentures (partials are OK).

How It Works

The PureSleep uses a technique called “mandibular repositioning,” which is a fancy way of saying that it moves, or repositions, your lower jaw (the mandibula) in order to clear your airway.

You can try this yourself by laying on your back for a couple of minutes.  If you’re like me, after a while you’ll start to feel like phlem is beginning to collect at the back of your throat.  You might even have to “clear your throat” a couple of times in order to keep your airway clear.  This feeling is actually the soft tissue at the back of your throat relaxing, and then sagging, to the point that it begins to block your airway.

Now, once you feel it getting harder to take a breath, instead of “clearing your throat,” try moving your lower jaw forward.  You should feel your airway clear almost immediately.  The only problem is holding your jaw in this position because once you fall asleep, your jaw drops back down restricting the airway again.  That’s where the PureSleep device comes in.

The device is made up of an upper, as well as a lower, mouthpiece that are designed to snap together.  However, before you snap them together, you move the lower one to a point that will move your lower jaw forward.  This is an important first step and cannot be changed later so make sure you do it correctly.

Next, you need to custom fit the PureSleep to your mouth.   To do this, you put the device in a pot of boiling water for 60 seconds, let it cool for 10 seconds, and then put it into your mouth and bite down hard while holding your lower jaw as far forward as  you can.

The device is constructed of both rigid (the outer part) as well as soft plastic (the inner part).  The hot water softens the inner part to the point that it creates an imprint of your teeth in the plastic.  It also locks in the position of the lower piece so it’s important that you had it positioned far enough forward in the first place.

Finally, you trim away any of the soft plactic that might have oozed out to the side.   If the fit still isn’t comfortable, you can repeat the boiling water process 2-3 more times (it took me 3 times to get mine right).  HOWEVER, note that each time you do this, the amount of soft plastic that lines the inside of the mouthpiece get’s thinner and thinner so there’s a limit to how many times you can heat the device.

Once you’re done, the device should fit snugly, but still comfortably, in your mouth without putting undue pressure on your teeth or gums.  It should also be pulling your lower jaw forward.

How Effective It Is

You do have to get used to wearing the device at night.   Until you do, you’ll probably find yourself waking up and pulling it out after a couple of hours.  That’s OK.  Just try to leave it in longer and longer each night.  It shouldn’t bother you at all after 3 or 4 nights.

Once you get used to wearing it, you’ll be surprised how effective the device is.  I’ve finally been able to sleep through the entire night.  Obviously, I also feel a lot more rested in the morning.

What It Costs

OK, here’s the bad news.  On their website, the PureSleep system sells for $59.90 plus a $7.95 shipping charge. The PureSleep company claims that this price is much less than what it would cost if you went to your dentist and had it prescribed.   That’s probably true but it really didn’t make me feel any better.

So basically, I paid a total of $67.85 for a piece of plastic!!   However, the device DOES work and once I got over the shock, I justified it by asking myself exactly how much a good nights sleep and lower blood pressure is actually worth.

PureSleep stands behind their product with a full 30-day money back, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

My Recommendation & Rating

My recommendation is that if you suffer from snoring to the point that you or your partner can’t get a good night’s sleep, then you need to get one of these things.   Sure, the price is a little steep but it’s fully guaranteed, is constructed of quality materials, and it works.

I highly recommend it.   Here’s how I would rate it overall:

Where To Get It

The PureSleep system is only available through their website at  Your dentist probably has access to similar (but probably more expensive) products.


PureSleep does not have an affiliate program so I am not making any money or getting any kind of compensation from this review.   I purchased the product for my own use and have found it works as advertised.

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  1. Have been using it for awhile. Does it work? Yes it does. My wife said I still snore at times, but not nearly as bad as I did before. Is it comfortable? Hell no! There is nothing comfortable about the thing when you are trying to sleep. Do I sleep better at night? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I wake up several times during the night because of the thing and sleep bad. Sometimes I make it through the night pretty well. Overall, it was a good purchase to keep my wife happy. As far as helping me, not so great. Just depends on how much your wife insists you try it.

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